Calyx® Point® Data Server™

What is Calyx® Point® Data Server™?

Calyx® Point® Data Server™ is an Application Server that allows you to share Point Data between geographically dispersed offices.

Point Clients can access the Calyx® Point® Data Server™ from anywhere in the world, allowing you to integrate remote offices.

How does it benefit me?

It allows you to share files with the Loan Offices and Loan Processors which may be working in separate offices. Files will be accessed securely, without the need to email individual files

Enables you to:

  • Work from home.
  • Having remote users means less cost for you and more money in your pocket.
  • Expand your work force by adding more users but not more office space.
  • Have multiple offices sharing information securely and seamlessly.
  • Manage Integrated offices from all over the country.
  • No more duplicate files or out of date information.

How does On Point PDS work for me?

On Point PDS takes the guess work of configuring or installing your Calyx® Point® Data Server™ and helps streamline the mortgage process by making your data management and loan processing simple and easy.

  • Centralized Data Storage and Reporting
  • Seamless User Integration
  • Remote Users
  • Multiple Offices
  • Faster information sharing
  • No more duplicate, out-of-date, or lost files


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