About Us

Who is On Point PDS?

On Point PDS is the leading Calyx® Point® Data Server™ Hosting Company. We specialize only in providing hosting and installation for Calyx® Point® Data Server™ users. While we have decided to bring you the highest level of service and commitment by specializing, our 15 years of experience in the technology industry allows us to solve almost any issue.

What is Point Data Server™ and who uses it?

A Point Data Server™ user is anyone who wishes to optimize their loan origination and processing productivity by taking advantage of easy-to-use, efficient and effective technology. The Calyx® Point® Data Sever allows existing users of Calyx® Point® seamless access to the Point Data Server™, allowing you to integrate users within the office or around the world.

How does it benefit me?

Hosting your Calyx® Point® Data Sever™ with On Point PDS provides the easy solution for you to share files with Loan Officers and Processors. 24/7, 365 day a year, working in the same office, different states, or even the beach!

How does On Point PDS work for me?

On Point PDS streamlines the mortgage process by making every aspect of your data management and loan processing simple and easy.

  • Remote Users
  • Multiple Offices
  • Faster Information
  • Centralized Reporting

What can we do for you?

On Point PDS is an IT company specializing in the needs of small to medium sized mortgage companies.

Our only focus is on helping companies just like yours take full advantage of all the technology that’s available to you. The best part about On Point PDS is our patient, knowledgeable and helpful staff that understands your business and your business needs.

Our approach

We believe in building relationships with our clients, just as you do, and to fully understand your goals.

Our approach requires clear definition of business goals and most importantly the closure and assessment of how these goals are met – we are focused on what success means to you. Our approach is to partner with you for implementations. Your involvement will ensure that we meet your business needs; creating a forum for easy knowledge sharing and rapid decision making.
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Questions? Call 877-727-5573 to speak to a representative.

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